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30 Days of Better Communication in Marriage

Solve your communication problems forever

Increase intimacy in your marriage

Communication will make or break your marriage.

Poor communication wrecks connection and destroys intimacy. Great communication builds connection so intimacy thrives.

It’s time to make your communication better.

You don’t have to struggle anymore. You don’t have to feel misunderstood or wonder what to say to your spouse.

You don’t have to fear communicating with your spouse anymore.  

It’s not too late for you. There’s always hope for restoration in your marriage. You and your spouse can develop healthy communication again. As a marriage counselor I’ve helped couples overcome obstacles they thought were unsurmountable. Couples who felt their marriage slipping away have been restored through developing better communication.

30 Days of Better Communication in Marriage course will transform your marriage from conflicted and disconnected to healthy and intimate.

You need true connection and intimacy which is only possible when you actually practice better communication with your spouse. 30 Days of Better Communication in Marriage will provide you the practical step by step guidance you need to make your marriage wonderful again.

What you can expect from 30 Days of Better Communication in Marriage

Feel hopeful again.

Become confident in your communication.

Feel close to your spouse again.

Stop wondering if your marriage is going to make it.

Have fun in your marriage without struggling so much.

DAY 1- First Things First

Invest in your marriage.

This course requires and investment of time but not as much as you think. The lessons are quick and easy to apply to your relationship today.

This course requires an investment of money but not as much as you would expect. One month of expert instruction from a professional counselor can cost much more.   Expert help with practical steps which make a real difference in your most valuable relationship is

The value to your marriage far outweighs the cost. 

You would do anything for a better marriage.

This course makes it easy.

The content is highly accessible. You likely already check your email every day. Each of the 30 lessons are delivered to your inbox for easy access. But I wanted to make it even more accessible for you and your busy life.

BONUS 1: Texts. Receive each of the 30 Days of Better Communication by text on your mobile phone. If you don’t normally check your email every day getting notified by text is a great option to keep current with the daily lessons.

BONUS 2: eBook. After you complete the 30 Days you’ll get a copy of all the content in an eBook format for your quick reference later.

What people are saying about 30 Days of Better Communication

“I can already tell that this is going to be a great adventure in our marriage and each of these steps leads us to becoming more connected and teaching our daughters how communication in a marriage should be.” – Sheena

“Dude! Your 30 Days of Communication is ON POINT. I am loving it.” – Amy

“This course is super consumable, especially with the texts.” – Ken

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