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Brian Lindner 02 (800x532)Hi I’m Brian.

I’m a highly trained listener. As a counselor I love being on the front lines helping people build, improve and restore their marriages. I want to share my passion for relationships and assist more people to improve the connection with their spouse.

This blog, Make Some Wonderful focuses on improving marriage relationships. I intend to serve my readers by publishing once a week. No matter how far away you feel from Wonderful in your marriage, this blog can help you get it back.  If you are interested in establishing deeper connections in your relationships by receiving these articles in your inbox, please share your email.

This page is designed to give you an idea of where I come from.

  • I have an easy going style. I would rather have a conversation than give a lecture.
  • My writing career started in third grade when I wrote an award winning story about an alien.
  • I describe myself as an optimistic contrarian.
  • My personal relationship with Jesus forms my motivation to invest in people.
  • I come from the Northwest USA, rural town folk type.
  • Travel outside the USA to Israel, Jordan and Egypt has formulated my global perspective.
  • I like houseplants. (Random wit, watch for it.)
  • My wife and I first met at summer camp. She debates what our first “official” date was, but after college we got married, now 14 years ago.
  • I typically show my interest in people by listening.

Life is simply better when marriage is good, when the connection is “on.” No matter the hurt or disappointment you have experienced, you are closer than you think to Wonderful in your marriage. Even if you doubt it today, you and your spouse have what it takes. I’m in this with you. Let’s go Make Some Wonderful.

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