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She Sheds and a 3-Step Recipe for a Happy Marriage

Recently I came across this short article from describing a new trend. She sheds.

How my ‘She Shed’ improved my marriage

She sheds are a place, like a shed, designed as a type of hideaway for women. The separate place is intended to serve as a retreat in which they can reduce distractions and relax. The unique private place allows space to feed her soul and help her recharge.

It’s somewhat of a play on the concept of a man cave, a space where a man can enjoy “manly things” typically a big TV with sports or adventure movies playing loudly on surround sound. A man cave provides space for him to retreat into his interests.

I love the idea of a she shed. When my wife gets tired and overwhelmed with the three boys in her life, I’ll just send her to the shed. Oh, that’s right, I don’t have a tool shed. We keep the tools in the garage. Perhaps she would like to spend some relaxing time in the she garage?

She sheds sound about as realistic as living on the moon. Where are the children of these women with she sheds? I’m sure every mother would like (needs) a she shed where she can get away temporarily but is that even possible? Mothers often can’t even use the toilet without young children interrupting. I’m sure no three year old is going to understand and respect the intended privacy of mom’s getaway sanctuary in the back yard.

Kidding aside, this she shed seems awesome. The owner of this she shed, Barbara Techel, is a blogger who uses her she shed to write her blog and her books. Now that is something I could use.

My favorite part of the short article is the quote by the author talking about how her she shed has benefited her marriage. Barbara says about her husband John:

He “gets it” and understands that by honoring and respecting my needs, in turn, it makes for a happy wife. Which in turn makes for a happy husband. And yes, a happy marriage.

Now that’s a great 3-step recipe for a wonderfully happy marriage.

  1. Understand your spouse’s needs.

    Understanding your spouse may feel like an impossible task. Start by asking them. Say “Hey babe, what are your needs.” Perhaps not every spouse will easily articulate their needs. Our deeper emotional needs often feel risky to share. Our wants are often much easier to identify because they don’t have the emotional consequences or the risk of rejection. Communicating your deeper emotional needs is a skill you must intentionally develop. Sharing with your spouse on an emotional level will dramatically improve your connection in marriage. When you ask your spouse what their needs are be prepared to implement the next ingredient in the happy marriage.

  2. Honor and respect their needs.

    It’s critical, once you have discovered and understand your spouse’s needs, to validate them as important. It’s not enough to simply understand, you must take action. For Barbara Techel’s husband, John, it meant building her a she shed to provide for her need to have her own space. You don’t have to convert your tool shed into a retreat center or turn your formal dining room into a sports center man cave. For you, respecting your spouse’s needs could look very different. It could be providing relaxation for your spouse by putting the kids to bed while she enjoys a bath or taking a family vacation to the ocean.

  3. Enjoy a happy spouse and a happy marriage.

    The only part left is to celebrate and enjoy a happy marriage. I’m not sure about Barbara and John but I have a feeling they don’t spend all of their time in their separate spaces. Happy couples know how to connect emotionally and provide appropriate space in their marriage. They are happy because relational needs are met and therefore both their time together and away from each other benefits their connection. Perhaps a she shed will meet your needs and improve your marriage. However you and your spouse are able to meet each others needs, a happy marriage ultimately comes from wonderful connection to each other.

View the original article by Barbara Techel on her blog, Joyful Paws

Watch Barbara Techel being interviewed on Weekend Sunrise, the Australian version of the Today Show.

View pictures of a variety she sheds

Go Deeper.

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2 thoughts on “She Sheds and a 3-Step Recipe for a Happy Marriage

  1. Barbara Techel says:

    Great post, Brian!  And thank you for sharing a link to my article and featuring my ‘She Shed.’

    Wonderful tips you shared and yes, regarding #3,  I will say that John and I don’t spend all our time in our separate spaces. What I love that we each have our own space is that when we do come back together for connection is that it has grown deeper and richer. It seems we have so much more to share.  We also make time for “date night” once a week where we really try to make a point of tuning in and listening without distractions you may get when at home.

    I also wanted to share that I know not everyone can have a space like a ‘She shed’ and perhaps the timing just isn’t right for it right now either. I do get that. I didn’t always have this space of my own.  And I’ve come to see that women can have it all, but sometimes just at different stages of their lives – and that is okay.

    Having my space took some sacrifices on my part, though I don’t see them as such – there were, and continue to be, so many rewards.  But for the person who perhaps can’t have a space such as this right now, maybe there is a small space within their home where they keep a few favorite tokens like candles, favorite photos, stones with favorite words, etc. that remind them of what is important to them. And that taking even five minutes to be alone is essential to being the best we can be.  And when your spouse can help you achieve those quiet times alone by doing what is necessary – that goes a long way in making for a happy marriage I think.  🙂

    Thanks again!

    Barbara Techel

    Author of “Through Frankie’s Eyes”




  2. Lori says:

    Ah – a “she shed” – seems like a dream as we are currently living in 280 sq ft!  (Great post, Brian!)

    Looking forward to your 30-day course, also!


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